The data-deleting software BleachBit, made famous by the Clinton team’s use of it to scrub emails

As we all know, Hillary Clinton took precautions to ensure the 30,000-plus emails on her private email server she deleted would never be read. She used a service called BleachBit, which, in the words of Trey Gowdy, guarantees that “even God can’t read them.”

It’s not something you’d expect from someone who had put on an act of cluelessness, famously replying “like with a cloth” when asked if she wiped her email server. That “cloth” obviously turned out to be BleachBit, and as a result, the company behind the program is capitalizing off her comment.

he data-deleting software known as BleachBit, made famous by the Clinton team’s use of it to scrub emails from the former secretary of state’s private email server, is making the most of its time in the spotlight – and is now selling special “cloths” featuring the Democratic nominee herself. The item is called the “Cloth or Something” — a reference to an Aug. 18, 2015, response Clinton gave when asked by Fox News’ Ed Henry if she had wiped her private email server.

the company is making the most of its high-profile in the media and the presidential race, selling cloths that bear Clinton’s face, and the now-famous quote.

“After you have smashed your BlackBerry, don’t forget to wipe the fingerprints from your email server with this non-abrasive, soft microfiber Cloth or Something,” the site says. “Don’t wait for a subpoena: order now!”

source : Fox News